Record Store Day

Sold Out Vinyl Records is proud to be a partner location for Record Store Day and Record Store Day Black Friday.  Keeping with the spirit of RSD we are an independently-owned record store who's primary focus is selling physical media. All of the titles we receive will be available to our customers on a first come first served basis on RSD.

For all of the latest information on this years RSD and RSD Black Friday we advise you to sign up for our email newsletter and follow us on our social media accounts. What we're getting, when we're opening, how many copies we'll have, when online sales will be available and more will all be communicated to our newsletter subscribers first and then on our social media accounts. 

Or you can just call the shop a gazillion times on RSD and ask if we have something because let's be honest that's what everyone does anyway.  If we don't pick up just call back as it will be a busy day. 


1. Hours will be 7am-8pm on Record Store Day Saturday 4/20/24. We will be open our normal hours of 10am-6pm Monday-Friday leading up to RSD, and we WILL BE OPEN 10am-6pm on the SUNDAY after RSD.

2. We are not taking pre-orders, we will not hold any items and we are not doing any advance sales of any kind. We ordered just about every title on the list including several copies of the more popular releases.  With over 1k titles ordered, we're just as excited as you to find out what gets delivered! All titles will be sold first come, first served. 

3. Product remaining after Record Store Day or RSD Black Friday will be put up on our store’s website HERE no earlier than the day AFTER the event, (STARTING AT 8 AM ET ON THE SUNDAY FOLLOWING RECORD STORE DAY, and 8 AM ET ON THE SATURDAY FOLLOWING RSD BLACK FRIDAY) but we will not hold product back from physical customers in order to post it online.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW RSD 2024 products for sale!